RANDAI is traditional theatre form that originates from Western Sumatera, Indonesia that has a unique structure and presentation style. A ‘theatre-in-the-round’ that incorporates singing, dance movements based on silat that takes place along a circle, and text, that makes for an interesting performance. The characters move in and out of the circumference of the circle and consequently move in and out of character.

The story of Puti Nilam Sari has been penned by Bapak Wisran Hadi, the SEA Write Award Winner 2000 and is directed by Associate Professor Zainal Latif with Bapak Afrizal from Padang ,Indonesia as Vocal, Acting and Dance coach. The simple tale tells of the love between two people of different social status (or are they?) and needless to say they will be united in the end - in the true form of traditional theatre! The cast features Mohd. Kamarulzaman Taib as the Sultan, Balqis Omar as his consort, with students and graduates of ASK playing the other roles with a special appearance by Joseph Gonzales in the ‘ber-Randai’!

This will be a treat for those with an interest in alternative or ‘lesser known’ traditional Asian/Southeast Asian forms. The duration of the play is approximately 1 hour and is without an interval. For the purposes of reaching a wider audience, and taking into account the ability of the cast - the play is performed in Malay as opposed to its original tongue of Minang.

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