Mek Mulung


The dance drama Mek Mulung exclusively found in Kedah, incorporates the elements of Mak Yong, Menora and Hadrah. It probably appeared in the late 18 th century. Unlike Mak Yong, it began as a folk theatre.

The basic dance movements of Mek Mulung are limited, abbreviated and crude compared to those of Mak Yong Kelantan. In their execution, no effort is made to coordinate the movements of individual dancer.

Apart from Mek Mulung the King, characters include other players, a fortune teller and dancers. They are all male performers and are normally related to each other.

The musical instruments played are the semborong, gong, serunai and cerek.

Unlike Mak Yong Kelantan which incorporates movements of the torso, head, hands and fingers, Mek Mulung movements mainly focus on the arms, especially the to and fro, and up and down swinging movements. However, it employs similar circular floor pattern, as in Mak Yong.

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