The Joget is the most popular traditional dance throughout Malaysia.

It is performed at cultural festivals, wedding celebrations and other social functions.

The Joget's origin has been traced back and associated with a Portuguese for dance which was introduced to Malacca during the era of the spice trade.

The Joget is a couple dance and the tempo is fairly quick with the a feeling of teasing and playing between the partners.

In Malacca it is better known as Chakunchak.

This possibly refers to the rhythm of the movements of the feet in Joget where there is transference of weight to the beat 1& 2, rather similar to a ‘step ball change’ in Western dance.

This is sometimes called a ‘double step’.

A simplified version or sometimes referred to as the ‘single step’ includes the transfer of weight or ‘ball change’ but with just a tap of the second foot.

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