This dance is popular in Perlis, a state near the border of Thailand and once being ruled by Thailand. The Thai influence is strong and in Thai, 'canggung' means dancers. It is said to be inspired by the Mak Yong Laut that was performed by the island folk in this area.

Two sisters, Intan and Lian are believed to have been instrumental in creating this dance. The dance is performed not only during festivals but also during wedding ceremonies. The dance is performed in pairs with the ladies hold a handkerchief in their hands.

The dancers sing (ala canggung mak si canggung, canggung canggung la la la la le) while dancing. They also sing famous Malay poems according to the beat and melody of the music.

The musical instruments used the dance are the gong, violin, two rebana and a gendang ubi.

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