Gamelan (also Known as Joget Gamelan)


This classical dance began in the courts of Riau and Lingga in the 17th century. It was first performed in Pekan Pahang in 1811 on the occasion of the marriage of Tengku Hussain, the son of Sultan Abdul Rahman of Lingga, to Wan Esah, the sister of Bendahara Ali of Pahang.

It was transferred to the court of Terengganu after Tengku Mariam, a Pahang princess married Tengku Sulaiman, the son of Tengku Zainal Abidin of Terengganu.

According to Tengku Mariam there were actually 77 gamelan dances. But, today only 33 dances exist in the repertoire. Among the 33 dances are Timang Burung, Ayak-ayak, Lambang Sari, Ketam Renjung, Geliung, Lantai Lima, Kending Gajah, Togok Rompin, Kunang-kunang Mabuk, Galuk Merajuk, Silatin, Lolo and Monab. 

Javanese elements are also evident in the costumes of the dances.

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