Artistic Director - Joseph Gonzales

Joseph Gonzales is the Head of Dance at the National Arts Academy, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Malaysia and one of Malaysia’s leading dance educators and choreographers. Joseph began his career as a dancer with KESUMA, St. Moritz Gold Band Dancers and Kuala Lumpur Dance Theatre before leaving for Bush Davies School and London Studio Center in England.

He played Simon of Legree in ‘The King And I’ to become the first Malaysian to perform in the West End. His choreography Akar dan Titik,TITIAN and AKAR has been presented at various festivals in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong and the Opening Ceremony of the 19th Independent Film Festival in Brussels.

Joseph represented Malaysia at the Philadelphia Dance Festival 2000. In Malaysia, he choreographed, Laila Majnun and Tun Perak for the National Theatre, AWAS! and Putera for his company Cross Roads Dance Ensemble, The Opening Ceremony of the 16th Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur and various commercial projects. He has performed in and choreographed In Retrospect, Jailed for a Joke for Amnesty International, East West Kaleidoscope, Breaking Boundaries, When They Dance and innumerable other performances. He enjoys exploring movement frequently emphasizes strong themes using traditional material and otherwise in his work.

He campaigns zealously for a more professional environment for dance.

In 2000, he launched to promote Malaysian dance. 

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